Dylan Skye

Producer/Content Manager


After arriving Los Angeles from Shanghai, I met murder noir author and filmmaker Mario M Milano, who invited me to edit the final trailer for his debut film, Dagger of Adultery, a murder mystery. As a musician and composer, I was able to include sound design in the edit. I also assisted Mario with web design for his personal site. Produced, directed, composed, edited and created all the post-production effects for the music video of my original song "Earth T.V.”, featuring Siren. Edited the trailer for Little Milo, a political satire about a young man and his controversial choices in the midst of a tense and polarizing social climate. 

Production assistant, editor, colorist, and composer for the silent film Bruises, a drama about a boxer who undergoes a journey of regret, redemption, and forgiveness. Bruises won the 2018 Audience Choice Award for the 48 Hour Film Project in Shanghai. This project was completed in two days. 

I was production assistant, editor and colorist for The Exhibition. This short “mockumentary” was the winner of the Best Acting, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Audience Choice at the 2017 Shanghai 48-Hour Film Project over 20 other teams. 

An experimental 30-second short I shot at a zoo in Shanghai. The main purpose of this project was for me to explore filmmaking techniques and develop my own visual style. 

Production assistant, assistant editor, and digital imaging technician for this music video. It was submitted into the Shanghai International Short Film Contest.