We provide comprehensive, film production support and help producers to prepare and set up their shoot in Cleveland, Ohio. We work with the finest vendors and professionals in all departments: Film investment, Legal, Location scouting and Permitting, Casting, Equipment, Crew, Catering, Underwater, Transport, Art, Costume, SFX, Stunts, Post-production, Accommodation, Tax accounting, etc.

Filmed in Ohio

“The Shawshank Redemption,” which is often listed as one of the best movies of all time, was filmed largely in Ohio. The Avengers", Cleveland, Downtown Cleveland stands in for both New York City and Stuttgart, Germany. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", Cleveland subs for Washington, D.C., 2014 Marvel movie. "The Deer Hunter," Cleveland, St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood is among the Cleveland landmarks featured in this film, which examines the impact of the Vietnam War on three friends. "Ides of March", Oxford, George Clooney’s political thriller, released in 2011, was shot throughout southwest Ohio, with scenes in both Cincinnati and Oxford. "A Christmas Story", Cleveland, Perhaps Cleveland's most famous movie appearance takes place in "A Christmas Story," released in 1983. "Light of Day", Cleveland, Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett starred as brother-and-sister rock musicians struggling with family issues in "Light of Day," released in 1987.